GBR Goes to Botha-Bothe

Botha-Bothe – Equipping children with appropriate skills to be future leaders is an investment parents should consider.

This was said by the Chairperson of the Global Business Roundtable GBR in Botha-Bothe, Mr. Zwelithini Matsoso, said the GBR chapter in the district is going to be launched in November, to assist people with skills to take care of the economy despite their age, financial background and even gender.

Mr. Matsoso said students, entrepreneurs and professionals, who are made part of the GBR so they can mentor the entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps, adding that the society will also equip all business-minded people in the district with intellectual and skills development.

The Global Business Roundtable is a networking initiative for people in business and entrepreneurs, inspired by global business or trading.



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