EU Supports Lesotho on Climate Change

Maseru – Lesotho has not been a major contributor to Green House Gas emissions which is the main cause of climate change, but the country is and will continue to be affected hence the need to be supported towards development of climate change policies and responses.

These were the remarks of the European Union EU Ambassador to Lesotho Dr. Michael Doyle delivered at the official opening of a four-day training on Greening of National Development Planning and the Water and Energy Nexus in Maseru.

Dr. Doyle said the EU delegation in Maseru already supports Lesotho with technical assistance to prepare for the impact of climate change and commended the fact that Lesotho is also determined to play its role in mitigation.

He said the potentially destabilising effects of climate change on migration, food security, reliable access to resources, water and energy, the spread of epidemic diseases, social and economic instability must be addressed through climate risk assessments and capacity building.

He added that the EU Delegation in Maseru supports government to address these challenges, and Climate Change is a key cross-cutting issue to be addressed in the European Development Fund EDF 11 programme, where water and energy are priority sectors for the support.

Dr. Doyle said it is also providing the Department of Energy with a team of experts to contribute to strengthening the sector in Lesotho, saying this EU Technical Assistance will pave the road for EDF 11 support in the Energy sector, which is planned to start in 2017 with, among others, testing of innovative approaches for providing poor households with cleaner and energy-efficient cooking facilities and access to renewable energy sources.

Organised by the EU Delegation in Maseru, the training focuses on supporting government and other stakeholders to integrate environment and climate change in national development planning and budgetary processes.



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