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Local Government Briefs Stakeholders

Maseru – The National Decentralisation Policy proposes coordination with different stakeholders to enhance their active participation in implementation of the decentralisation processes.

This was said by the Chief Local Government Officer, Mr. Charles Mokuoane during a five-day training of trainers workshop held in Maseru for members of civil society organisations on the policy.

The workshop aims to familiarise non-state actors with a training manual as a guiding tool for them to impart similar information to other organisations and the community at large.

Mr. Mokuoane said the policy was adopted by Cabinet in February 2014 and the organisations are being trained now due to a number of reasons that include embarking on the review of the Local Government Act 1997.

He added that they have not delayed with community mobilisations as they are taking issues step by step to ensure the public understands the concept of decentralisation for successful implementation.

Mr. Mokuoane said the review of legislation is significant to facilitate policy implementation for local communities, saying the policy has to be disseminated to the public to make them understand and increase their participation during implementation.

Transformation Resource Centre TRC’s Mr. Lira Theko said the Centre embraces the policy as it will address issues of bringing services closer to local communities, which is the entire concept of decentralisation.

The workshop ends on Friday and it is attended by representatives of organisations that include Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace, Send-a-Cow, Lesotho Council of Non-Governmental Organisations and the Lesotho National Federation of Organisations of the Disabled.


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