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Hloaele Launches Electrification Project

Maseru – The Minister of Energy and Meteorology has launched Rural Electrification Project and introduced a Contractor who will implement the project in three villages of Ha Sofonea, Ha Majara and Ha Tonki in the Thaba Bosiu Constituency in Maseru.

Speaking at the event at Ha Sofonea, Honourable Mokoto Hloaele said government has injected more than Six Million Maloti for the project that will benefit 545 households in the three villages, as it is committed to ensure that every household is assisted to get electricity.

Honourable Hloaele said the villages have been selected as the first out of many in which the same project will be implemented, and urged the Contractor to allocate jobs to the villagers in a transparent manner and avoid favouritism and nepotism, for the success of the project.

At the same occasion Chief Ts’enolo Sofonea of Ha Sofonea said they are impressed that their long-term dream to have electricity in their homes will finally become a reality, saying they have experienced delays for many years since they started contributing money under the electrification scheme hence their delight at the launch of the project.

A member of Ha Sofonea Electrification Scheme Committee Mrs. ‘Mahlompho Janki said the villagers started the scheme in 1995 with households contributing 500 Maloti each, adding that through the financial support and advice of the Member of Parliament for Thaba Bosiu Constituency Honourable Thabo Sofonea, they also engaged in stokvels to raise funds so that no household will be left out when the project is implemented.

Meanwhile, the Lesotho Electricity Company will hold a public gathering at Ha Sofonea on Friday to educate the villagers on responsible use of electricity in their homes.


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