Basotho Need South African Agents

Maseru – Lesotho businesses operating as importers of goods from South Africa to Lesotho need to find registered entities in South Africa.

According to a press statement from Lesotho Revenue Authority LRA, these individuals should be willing to enter into a contract in which the Lesotho business is the foreign principal, while the South African registered entity is the agent.

It indicates that the agents will then request and access the South African Revenue Services SARS, including registering declarations as the exporter, on behalf of the Lesotho principal.

It adds that all other foreign entities have to nominate these registered entities to represent them in accessing SARS services including import and export, and any South African company may apply to become a registered agent to act on behalf of a foreign principal.

The statement highlights that this requirement applies to Lesotho businesses as well as all other countries which South Africa does business with, and the country, through SARS, has been working on automating its border processes since 2012.

It points out that one of the changes brought about by the automation is that commercial importers and exporters have to register with SARS in order to access services which are now automated, and in line with their legal requirements, SARS is obliged to deal directly only with entities registered as Taxpayers in South Africa.


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