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Lesotho Has Irrigation Plan

Melbourne – The World Bank has pledged to ensure the success of Lesotho’s irrigation master plan, which is in the pipeline.

This was said by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Honourable Mahala Molapo today, following His Majesty King Letsie III’s sightseeing at the Southern Rural Water Institution based in Melbourne, Australia.

Honourable Molapo explained that Lesotho through the Ministry also plans to construct a dam in Leribe that will be used to supply water for consumption and irrigation, saying there will be taps on fields that will be used for irrigation.

Meanwhile, the Melbourne Irrigation System reportedly supplies farmers with water, each with fields as big as 10 to 150 hectors and each farmer also has a dam in their yard, supplied with water on a weekly basis at a certain charge.

The farmers already supplies Australian shops and supermarkets with their produce.


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