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Education Moves towards A-Level

Maseru – The Ministry of Education and Training is nearing the completion of five laboratories within the first five months of the reign of the new government.

This was revealed by the Minister of Education and Training Honourable Mokhele Moletsane, adding that this is a great achievement as the Ministry intends to introduce A-level in those schools, and has to equip them beforehand.

He said in preparation for the initiative, they will first roll out a bridging programme for the students, Advanced Subsidiary AS, saying schools in this development process include St. Stephens, Methodist and Lesotho High Schools.

He added that they have worked on some policies that include the Education Act of 2010 as well as Technical and Vocational Education Training Draft to ensure the education system responds to current needs of the society.

Honourable Moletsane said that they have secured funds for Principals who did not get their gratuity, and that five have already received those funds while the process continues, also noting that the Ministry has secured 85 Million Maloti to pay teachers’ arrears.

He said their main milestone is identifying teachers’ challenges and dealing with them in order to ensure that focus is solely on providing quality education to students, saying due to this, they made a decision to stop using Performance Contract for principals and ensure that they are hired on a permanent basis, as this method costs the Ministry a lot of complications and money.

He pointed out that the Ministry’s financial challenges hinder them to provide quality and inclusive education to Basotho children as 95 percent of their budget goes to teachers’ salaries, saying while his vision is to ensure that Lesotho education moves from conventional way of teaching towards the electronic learning, this poses many challenges as teachers have not been trained accordingly and lack of electricity in many areas of the country is another hiccup.


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