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Leribe Hosts Induction Retreat

Maseru – Principal Secretaries and Deputy Principal Secretaries are attending a four-day High Level Induction Retreat in Pitseng, Leribe.

According to the Government Secretary Mr. Moahloli Mphaka, the Induction, themed: ‘Promoting innovative leadership for reformed governance system’ serves to among others, help participants realise and understand their responsibility as chief accounting officers, public expectations of them and other aspects attached to the responsibility endowed on them.

Officiating the induction, the Minister of Public Service Honourable Thesele ‘Maseribane said the induction is vital for enabling government to administer good governance, saying the country’s responsibility in the 51 years of Independence is to protect the people, property and values.

Honourable ‘Maseribane said the past 50 years served as a learning curve and now there is need to move forward as a collective, saying it is incumbent to address and achieve the targets set in the manifestos of the four parties in government which comprise famine, corruption, rule of law and good governance and equality, adding that the United Nations and Commonwealth decisions on Lesotho should be implemented.

He believes if all cooperate with those assisting Lesotho to implement the Southern African Development Community SADC decisions of Justice Mphaphi Phumaphi as is currently the world’s expectation, all would be well, and raised the need to understand innovation through incorporating e-governance by moving in line with global technology trends.

The Induction also featured presentations by among others the former Government Secretary, Mr. Motlatsi Ramafole who shed the light on their roles and responsibilities, while Mr. Mphaka commended Mr. Ramafole for sharing the knowledge with the participants.

He said it is government’s responsibility to level the playing field so that Basotho enjoy peace and the country regains prosperity which cannot be achieved if they do not feel indebted and duty-bound to execute their responsibilities.


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