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PS Briefs Senate on Independence

Maseru – The Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Home Affairs briefed Members of the Senate on preparations to mark Lesotho’s 50th independence.

Advocate Borena-ha-bokhethe Sekonyela said the commemoration entails documenting Lesotho’s progress from the prehistoric times, adding that it is of essence for the country to look back in order to decide on the way forward, while also establishing what hindered Lesotho’s development.

According to Advocate Sekonyela their plan is for the celebration to include profiling of each district’s cultural virtues from prehistoric times, along with its resources to weigh its development potential, so the young generation and the International community can learn as well as to promote tourism.

He said the celebration will also feature a week-long Trade and Cultural Expo scheduled for Maseru and encouraged the Principal Chiefs to inform the community of such plans as the purpose is for Basotho to reposition themselves to go forward as a nation, saying they are engaging private companies to raise money to help achieve the purpose.

A Member of the House Chief Lerotholi Seeiso called for collection of present and previous chiefs’ information for purposes of historical education, while Chief Khoabane Theko said in the past government side-lined chiefs in preparations for national celebrations, adding that conflict is Lesotho’s most notable achievement.



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