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Quthing Gets New Transmitter

Quthing – The Minister of Communications, Science and Technology Honourable Khotso Letsatsi says digital migration transmitter at Ha Lebelonyane in Quthing will enable residents to access improved reception of quality sound and pictures on their radios and televisions.

Speaking at a public gathering in Mount Moorosi Honourable Letsatsi said other benefits of digital migration are access to the internet and additional television channels for Lesotho from one to 20.

He said the community will be provided with information about where to get set-top boxes, adding that there is no need for the community to buy new television sets as the set-top box decoders covert analogue signal to digital signal.

Quthing District Administrator, Mr. Seeiso Moshoeshoe expressed gratitude for the introduction of digital migration as it will provide universal access to education and information, create openness and transparency and enhance national unity through television and radio broadcasting services.

The community councillor for Ha Sekhonyana, Mr. Serame Jakobo urged the Minister to ensure the community benefits from the transmitter to access more local radio stations as they now only access the national radio station.

Present at the occasion were school children, Chiefs, community councillors and residents from different villages in the Mount Moorosi area.


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