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Lesotho Marks World Accreditation Day

Maseru – The Acting Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Trade and Industry Mr. Molebatsi Rabolinyane says accreditation is a pillar of quality infrastructure as it is a demonstration of an organisation’s competence to carry out specific tasks.

Mr. Rabolinyane said this during commemoration of the World Accreditation Day in Maseru, saying the tasks are in the areas of testing and calibrating laboratories, inspection and certification organisations.

He said referring to this year’s theme which is ‘Accreditation: a global tool to support public policy’, it would be prudent to share and enhance the capacity of the public and private organisations on how accreditation could enhance their daily work.

He said there are a number of Government Ministries and Regulators mandated to administer different policies of Lesotho and there is a need for all concerned to realise the importance of accreditation for the respective activities to bear an agreed global standard.

He indicated that Southern African Development Community has formed a multi-economy accreditation body named Southern African Development Community Accreditation Service SADCAS to meet the accreditation needs of the region, and it is gratifying to note that SADCAS is being emulated in other regions of the world.

Ms. Lintle Mapeshoane from the National University of Lesotho said the University is entrusted to promote reliable results in the country but they do not have accredited laboratories, saying laboratories are used to train students, but without accredited laboratories, results from their researches make their documents illegitimate, calling for accreditation of their laboratories.

Mr. Lekatisi Monyaka from Geo-technical Engineering Laboratory called on government to have an accreditation body in the country as it is expensive to take materials or products to South Africa for calibration, adding that accreditation increases customer confidence in them as service providers.

Meanwhile, as part of the commemoration 25 people being public and private laboratories Technicians were awarded certificates following on ISO / IEC 17205 Standard.


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