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Ministry to Pay Teachers

Maseru – The Ministry of Education and Training will ensure that teachers who improved their qualifications get promotions and payments.

The Minister Dr. Mahali Phamotse said this at a press conference in Maseru, following a petition from the teachers a few days ago, which requested her to respond to their grievances within seven days.

Dr. Phamotse said she is aware that some teachers who improved their qualifications to the level of Diploma, Degree, Honours and Masters were not promoted and their salaries were not increased, saying government commenced paying teachers’ arrears in February 2016 in categories.

She said the Ministry has so far paid a total of 1320 teachers in different categories, indicating that she did not see any document pledging that the Ministry will pay teachers by April this year but she knows that it promises that teachers will be paid from February 2016.

She said some of the reasons that led to delay of payments include schools’ failure to present training plans and that most teachers furthered studies without the Ministry’s consent hence, it was unable to get statistics of teachers on time in order to include them in the budget.

Dr. Phamotse said the Ministry is not responsible for credits made by teachers when they furthered their studies because they went to school without the Ministry’s consent, adding that the Teaching Service Regulations of 2002 are clear regarding procedures that teachers should follow when they want to improve their qualifications.

She emphasised that the Ministry wants to ratify the mistakes that have occurred and will pay all teachers except those who will further their studies without its consent, adding that it will not be possible to pay teachers before end of this month as preparations for payment of all public servants and teachers for July have been completed.


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