Entertainment in Lesotho

All the hotels in Maseru and main towns have restaurants attached to them. The dining options range from luxurious to budget, continental to local, in Maseru. In the other cities and towns, you will not have too much of a choice apart from the small stalls and eating-houses.

There is not much nightlife in Lesotho apart from a couple of nightclubs, a few bars and theatres for movies in Maseru.

There’s plenty you can buy at Lesotho to take home as souvenirs. Look for the interesting jewellery made of seeds, clay beads and porcupine quills; the chess sets made of copper and ebony; wool and mohair rugs; tapestries and textiles; angora sweaters and shawls; rock paintings and pottery. The villages are, of course, the best place to buy them from, especially Ty, but you also have the option of special stores and supermarkets in major towns.

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