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SADC Members Fail Informal Sector

Maseru – Lesotho is among 12 Southern African Development Community SADC countries which have failed to fulfil International Labour Organisation ILO’s last year resolutions to develop the informal sector for economic growth.

This has been disclosed by Mr. Ts’olo Lebitsa who represented ‘Khathang Tema Baitsokoli’ at the recent Civil Society Forum held in Swaziland, saying Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique are the only countries in the region reportedly have and continue developing small businesses and the informal sector as per last year’s resolutions of the ILO‘s 204th Forum.

Mr. Lebitsa said they have learnt that the problem is lack and delay in implementation on the government’s side through the Ministry of Local Government and Maseru City Council MCC, which often takes decisions about their needs without consulting them.

Responding to Mr. Lebitsa‘s statements, MCC Spokesperson Ms. Lintle Moerane said they are not aware of the ILO Resolutions because they were never represented before the council, saying Khathang Tema Baitsokoli is just one organisation in the informal sector and they have to follow necessary procedures to table their requests through proper channels, but nothing has been tabled.

Meanwhile, Federation of Women Lawyers FIDA’s Ms. Thusoana Ntlama who attended the SADC Council of Non-Governmental Organisations said issues discussed in the Forum include the fact that civil society organisations tend to forget or neglect their mandate, because of threats by governments and those in power, which is the reason people are losing trust in their organisation.
According to Ms. Ntlama, gender inequality is one of the issues that was reported to be given little recognition by governments, while solidarity and unity were the main words for the Forum and she hopes Lesotho will get better in terms of development.

The Forums preceded the annual Heads of States Summit in Swaziland.



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