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Queen Calls for Women in Sports

Leribe – Her Majesty Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso has encouraged women to participate in sports. to combat the rampant diseases that infect people in recent years.

Speaking during a horse race at Peka in Leribe to mark her 40th birthday, the Queen thanked all people who took part in the celebration from Saturday, including girls who participated in numerous races.

She also thanked horse owners from various districts of the country, as well as the members of the public who converged at the celebration in great numbers, saying horse racing is entertaining and interesting to watch.

At the same occasion, the Principal Chief of Tsikoane, Peka and Kolbere, Chieftainess ‘Maseoehla Mathealira said they have come to thank God for protecting Her Majesty and they are proud to have a Queen who has unified the nation.

Mr. Sebele Sebele from Mohale’s Hoek won ‘Masenate Horse Race and was awarded the first prize of 10000 Maloti, and he explained that he worked hard to win the race, by feeding the horse and training it intensively.

The Queen was born on June second, 1976 in the Leribe district.


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